When looking for your next sedan or SUV around Gastonia, Charlotte, and Lincolnton, you have a lot of options available to you. At Mazda of Gastonia, our Mazda3 lease deals are a great way to enjoy this sleek sedan while keeping your options open in the future.

Unlike buying, leasing comes with a shorter, more customizable plan which can be altered to your needs. Why might the Mazda3 be the car to get? With its charming looks, refined performance, and abundant in-cabin technology, many drivers favor it as a commuting car or luxurious weekend cruiser.

Mazda3 Driving

How to Lease a MAZDA3

Getting your lease arranged is simple when you reach out to the financial advisors we have on staff. These advisors, who run our entire financial center, have been helping locals land their preferred Mazda for many years.

With tools like the online pre-approval form, we’ll be able to learn about your situation and then link you with the proper lease deal. While our leasing opportunities have a standard structure, you can explore from the comfort of your home, and we’ll be happy to alter aspects of the agreement after speaking with you.

If you have questions about either leasing in general or the Mazda3 specifically, you can contact our team today!

Mazda3 Apple Car Play

Why Lease a MAZDA3?

Almost any performance trait that you can ask of a sedan can be had with the Mazda3. The car is plenty efficient, whether travelling around town or on the highway, does a great job of getting up to speed for those two-lane passing maneuvers, and also offers responsive handling as you weave around rural roads.

From there, the in-cabin technology will link with your smartphone so you can voice-access navigation, music, podcasts, text messages, and more.

Technology is also infused into the model’s safety, with driver-assistance technology always keeping a watchful eye on your well-being.

With a plethora of unique trim levels to select from, customizing your Mazda3 is a fun and simple process. So, why lease a Mazda3? Because if you’re looking for a sedan, they don’t come more well-rounded than this Mazda classic.

Car Leasing

Understanding Leasing

You may have an idea of what leasing is but aren’t sure about the specifics. While speaking with our staff is the most insightful way to learn about leasing, we wanted to lay out the basics here as well.

Instead of buying a vehicle outright, leasing is like a rental process. We loan the vehicle to you for a predetermined amount of time, typically a few years, and you can drive it as you would any model you own.

When the lease is up, the Mazda3 comes back to our dealership and you’re free to lease a new Mazda model or a newer model year of the Mazda3. So essentially, you’re always driving modern Mazda models, giving you access to the latest styling, technology, performance, and more!

Consider the Right MAZDA3 Lease for You

With a lot of different ways to go about leasing your Mazda near Gastonia, Charlotte, and Lincolnton, sometimes you want to get feedback from friendly professionals. At Mazda of Gastonia, we’ll happily answer your questions, introduce you to the Mazda3, and ensure you have confidence in the plan being put in place!

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