Strange Car Noises and What They Mean

May 24th, 2018 by

Two mechanics under car in service center

Rattling, clunking, grinding, oh my! What do these strange sounds mean? If you’re out driving and you hear these distinctive noises, your car may be trying to tell you something important, and they shouldn’t be ignored. Learn how these noises can affect your Kings Mountain drive and when you need to address them. If your vehicle does need attention, you can rely on Mazda of Gastonia for all your service needs.

What’s That Sound?

I hear a clunking when braking

A brake caliper is damaged or missing.

There’s a flapping under the hood

The belt could be disintegrating or something is interfering with the fan.

I heard a loud bang

Known as a backfire, this sound can indicate the catalytic converter isn’t functioning properly.

A high-pitched sound after the engine is shut off

Check the radiator pressure cap as the gasket may be worn.

Squealing wheels when applying brakes

Could be caused by dirt on the brake rotors, or a sign it’s time for new brake pads. Conduct a visual inspection to see if you should take it in for a replacement (brake pads should typically be 1/4 inch thick).

The transmission grinds when shifting

The clutch is worn or needs to be adjusted.

I hear a popping in engine compartment

There’s possibly an ignition problem, clogged fuel filter, worn spark plugs, or a compromised catalytic converter.

Squealing from engine while accelerating

Your drive belts are loose or slipping.

Rely on our Service Team

Gastonia drivers can count on Mazda of Gastonia for all their service needs. Whatever noise you may hear, be sure schedule an appointment to bring your car in for a full checkup at our service center.

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